One Set, One Cause, 24 hours


DJ EZ and his team came to Circulate in order to maximise the impact of a 24 Hour Set for Cancer Research UK. They asked us to create an appropriate digital strategy to make the campaign a talking point across the UK.


The goal for this campaign was to raise as much awareness and exposure for the DJ EZ 24 Hour DJ Set as possible. This in turn would further the cause of Cancer Research UK and help raise valuable funding for their projects.


Planning / Strategy, Design, Social Media Management, Live Content


The overall campaign for the #DJEZ24HourSet including the Announcement and the 24 Hour Set combined generated over +70M impressions reaching 38,907,906 people (the equivalent of 59.87% of the UK’s population)

As result, not just the set but the whole cause became one of the most popular subjects in the UK that weekend, causing discussion and raising support as well as being the second highest trend topic on Twitter.

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