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Circoloco is one of the most iconic parties in Ibiza. It’s hosted in a venue (DC10) that can undoubtedly be considered a temple of electronic music, where the world’s foremost underground talent showcase their skills. Circoloco came to us seeking a way of sharing their message with music lovers from all over the world and keeping the party going whenever and wherever they want.


The main goal of this project was to use the strengths of digital platforms in order to extend the experience of the Circoloco events both in Ibiza and internationally.


Strategy, Planning, Social media, Media Buying, Production, Creative development, Management


People go to Circoloco for the fresh, forward-thinking dance music – we wanted to make that the cornerstone of our marketing plan. Our plan was straightforward: we would deliver great music in two different ways: audio and video.

We created the Circoloco Radio, a weekly radio program that features the best live performances from Ibiza and Circoloco events around the world.

We created the Circoloco Radio, a fortnightly radio program that features the best live performances from Ibiza and Circoloco events around the world. The radio show has 838,571 monthly listeners (with a peak of over 1M listeners) across 24 radio stations reaching over 50 territories including Russia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, United States, Colombia and France among others. On iTunes Circoloco Radio ranked 21st in the UK and 20th in Spain in the Most Popular Shows Category reaching over 791K users.

We also created a video series called ‘Monday Dreamin’, which highlighted the best of Circoloco Ibiza parties each Monday, reached 10,914,186 users on Facebook generating 2,445,070 views – of which 89.8% were organic.

Our focus on long-term brand engagement has yielded incredible results. Total lifetime impressions for Circoloco has reached 144m, total engagements are now 3.3m while link clicks are 78.k. In recent months, we recorded record levels of engagement on social media as well. In September 2018, total brand engagements reached a record 185k. Two months later, a Circoloco Instagram post reached 10,527 – another all-time record.

Our work has lead to a surge in online ticket sales for the brand. Circoloco and its associated events sold 34,634 tickets on Resident Advisor in 2018. The highest ever recorded total in a calendar year for the brand.

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