Kappa Futur Festival - Futur People


Held in the vibrant city of Torino, in one of the most fascinating venues with an extremely consistent line up, Kappa Futur Festival has been established as one of Europe’s premiere electronic music festivals. The Circulate team were invited to create a digital and social media campaign to increase brand awareness and expand their worldwide audience.


The primary goal of this project was to use the strengths of various digital platforms in order to create a clear brand image for the festival, drive ticket sales and connect with new and existing audiences worldwide.


Strategy, Planning, Social Media Management, Creative development, Management


During Circulate’s time working with Kappa Futur Festival, it has become one of the fastest growing underground music festivals in the world.

In January 2016, it was mentioned by The New York Times as an unmissable event of that year.

We uploaded content that highlighted the unmissable experiences on the Kappa Futur Festival Youtube Channel. The Youtube channel has since reached 3,199,046 views.

In terms of long term engagement, within 2019, we had some exceptional numbers around Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook, we had a reach of 12,862,141, on average, every month we reached more than 1 million people. The engagement throughout the year was 554 on average with a growth of 20k new likes on the page.

We have 570.3k engagements on the Kappa Futur Festival Instagram profile. Meaning that each month we had over 51,000 likes and comments on the content.

We have achieved 51.1k new followers in 2019, with an overall following of

Our work with Kappa Futur Festival has led to a surge in online ticket sales. In 2018, the festival increased its capacity to 50.000 participants, of which 35% came from abroad, +74% from previous years, coming from 87 nations, an increase of +40% from 2017, a new industry record.

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