Ambr Eyewear - Frame Your Creativity 1.0


Ambr Eyewear’s main objective of the campaign was to increase sales and showcase the brand more effectively online, through video.
In order to achieve the objective, we devised a suite of video assets with a common thread running through them.
Frame Your Creativity illustrates five creatives at work, from photographers to designers and music producers, with Ambr Eyewear improving their everyday work and lifestyle.


From a flagship video to seamlessly cut testimonial videos and brand reminders, each video pairs striking visuals with creatives at work.
From Jill & Gill, Babs Daly and Timi Ogunyemi to Diffusion Lab, Jamie Duff, and Conor Dooney, the creatives individually discuss their creative process, while discretely noting how the eyewear improves their daily workflow.
The full suite of video assets included: 1 hero video in 3 formats, 5 testimonial videos with 3 formats each, 4 brand reminder videos with 2 formats each 2 product-focused videos, and 80 behind the scenes shots


Since the launch of the ‘Frame Your Creativity’ campaign on Ambr Eyewear’s social platforms in September 2020, there has been a 20% increase in overall traffic to the website, 67% increase in conversion rate, a 53% increase in total revenue, and a 61% increase in total transactions. In terms of social media; Facebook and Instagram, Ambr has seen a 23% increase in return on ad spend for their Instagram Stories campaign, and 43% on their regular Flagship Video campaign.

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