Master Of Mixes - How To Play


When it comes to imitating cocktail masterpieces at home, Master of Mixes is the secret ingredient.

Master of Mixes asked us to devise and implement creative concepts for their Social Media to get people talking about their sweet elixirs.


The goal of this campaign was to tap into the Irish market, reaching new audiences and engaging them as much as possible.

We planned on doing this by producing and sharing influencer-heavy and interactive content to ensure as much reach as possible.


Creative Development, Strategy/Planning, Partnerships, Video Production


Knowing that the potential audience for cocktails is broad, we opened up our campaign to all. The Beautiful and Boojee, The Born Entertainers and The – everyone was invited to the party.

We developed a collaboration with some carefully selected influencers, called ‘How To Play’. Our influencers were our designated ‘Master of Mixes’. We invited our audience to create their favourite cocktails along with some help from our Master of Mixes.

The campaign yielded some incredible results, which included 275k reach and over 1 million video plays.

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