Strong Roots - Six Nations Campaign


Strong Roots is an Irish based food company specializing in frozen plant based food. The brand aims to revolutionize the frozen food industry by providing plant-based food choices . In 2018, Strong Roots were the broadcast sponsor at the ‘6 Nations’ tournament, one of the most important sporting events of the entire year. At Circulate, we were determined to make the most of the campaign by highlighting the best of the Strong Roots brand under the Six Nations Theme.


Circulate’s ultimate goal was to gain a substantial amount of brand awareness for Strong Roots and reach an expanded audience throughout the tournament.


Strategy, Planning, Social media, Media Buying, Production, Creative development, Consulting, Ad boosting


Through our live coverage before, during and after the Six Nations games, there was a significant increase in audience growth, engagement 
& impressions on all platforms during the Six Nations compared to months prior. By utilising our in-house design team, creative concepts surrounded the brands best-selling products to ensure the Strong Roots name was always on the mind.
Overall, the campaign reached 741,761 individuals. There was an exceptional increase in following mainly on Instagram with the involvement of popular Irish Influencers. It then became a consistent increase, ranging from 20-30 every weekend. We saw an overall total of 3,409,698 impressions with an increase of 179% on Instagram.

On Twitter, throughout the campaign we had a total of 1,471 engagements, an increase of 186% over previous months.

Since the Six Nations campaign, Strong Roots have expanded into other markets and are currently the fastest growing food brand in the UK, while also being stocked in 3,000 locations in the US.

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