Four Loko - Confessions From A Can


Four Loko is a hugely popular alcoholic drinks company that previously focused its operations on the US market. They entered the Irish market with a plan to yield the same popularity.

Keen to get as close to the pulse of these cultures as possible, Four Loko approached Circulate to formulate a digital strategy to resonate with their target audience.


Our objective was to unlock this new market for Fourloko, with the intention of expanding awareness, building a community and increasing traffic & engagement across the Fourloko channels.


Social Media Management, Strategy/Planning, Advertising, Content Creation, Creative Development


We planned on tapping into the psyche of the Irish people.

Introducing ‘Confessions from a Can’. A 3 part campaign, which covered the spectrum of digital. From compelling video content to engaging influencer activation. We had Fourloko on the tip of the tongues of our target audience.

The results speak for themselves, after the use of 20 different ad types, and leveraging an influencer network of 17. We generated 2.8 million impressions across target territories, which equates to a reach result of 70% of our potential audience. On top of this, we gained 1.7k new Instagram followers and over 2 million video views.

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