West Cork Whiskey - Casked Conversations


January 2023 was momentous for West Cork Irish Whiskey as they embarked on a new chapter in their story. Since 2003, the brand has grown from a small upstart to a global player in the Irish whiskey market.

The next step was to establish an online presence of a similar ilk. From social media to branding, all aspects of the brand’s marketing were addressed.


Our objective was to introduce West Cork Whiskey to the world.

We created ‘Casked Conversations’, an unfiltered video series that seeks to answer the question ‘What makes West Cork, West Cork?’. The concept for this campaign was to create an authentic, organic, and genuine series of conversations that would showcase the true essence of West Cork Whiskey’s brand identity through its people.


The “Casked Conversations” campaign has been a resounding success, with early results exceeding our expectations.

On Instagram, the leading platform for our target audience, we have generated over 332,000 views and nearly 4,000 interactions across the seven videos. We also achieved a 10% increase in follower growth for the West Cork Irish Whiskey profile.

Based on these early results, we project that the campaign will generate a total of 4 million impressions in Ireland.

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